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“Spreading Wisdom” is a kind of Islamic website where I provide various information about Islam. You can find almost all general aspects of Islam in my website. For example Essence of Islam, Du’a, Wisdom of Quran and Hadith, Islamic Story, Islamic Name and lot more like this but it will take time you will get this step by step. You will never find from me any “Fatwa” (Islamic Legal Ruling). Because I’m not Scholar, I’m just a student of Islamic knowledge. I’m still learning and also spreading my knowledge to others. So that it can benefit others as well as me also. Though I will cover lots of topics of Islam gradually but won’t provide you very deep and academic information. I will try to provide you a balance of short and long form of information in my style. Because I firmly believe that in the field of knowledge, having at least some detailed information about a particular topic is crucial. And will do the exact same thing even though I’m doing it right now also. I think this is also a logical reason to learn Islam from this website because of my balance of content length. I also try to keep my website as simple as possible so that you can get a user friendly experience. So lets start A Journey Towards Islam With Spreading Wisdom.



I collect maximum of my information from the Holy Book Quran, Book of Hadith, Book of Commentary of Quran, and various Islamic books from various languages etc. Though I mention earlier that I’m just a student of Islamic knowledge not scholar of Islam, it does not mean that I will provide you wrong information. I’m always committed to provide you the accurate information about Islam. That is why I do crosscheck every single information before providing you the actual output. I always try to mention the source of my information, you can easily find the source beneath each of my blog. If you read some of my blog, you can easily understand the quality of my content and accuracy of my information.

Since my website is related to Islam, here are some important things to note.
1. If I use any Quranic verse, Hadith or any other Quotes in our website, I will mention the source of this information. You will get the name the book, number of the verse or Hadith .So, if you want to check the details of the information you can easily do this.
2. I will try to use Sahih and Hasan (authentic) Hadith in our website. If I use any Dai’yeef (weak) Hadith and if I clearly know that the Hadith is weak then it will be be clearly mentioned in the bottom of the blog. So please read footnote carefully.
3. If there is a difference of opinion about a Hadith being authentic or weak, I will write that, “This Hadith contains difference of opinion being authentic or weak”.

4.  I will never use any fake Hadith in my website knowingly. Except the purpose of inform other that it is a fake Hadith.
5. If there is a difference of opinion on any matter, I will simply say that “There are other opinion also”. In that case, I will be respectful of different opinions and refer to them fairly Inshallah.

6. Maximum of my Hadiths are collected from an app called “Hadith Collection (All in one)” from Greentech Apps Foundation. It doesn’t men that I don’t have the access to the books of Hadith. I just do this for you So that you can easily find the mentioned Hadith. That’s why the number of Hadiths on my website matches that of this app.


Though I mentioned earlier that I’m always committed to give you the accurate information about Islam. But sometimes I  do “unintentionally” mistakes. I repeat “unintentionally”. Because I’m  human being and human makes mistakes similarly I do too. But I always await for the correction. So please let me know if you find any mistake in any of my blog. I  will be very great full to you if you do this.  welcome@spreadingwisdom.com is my official email address you can communicate with me via this email address.

I firmly believe that Islam is the only true religion and a complete code of life. I also strongly believe that there is no true god except ALLAH and prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) is the last messenger of ALLAH. I don’t have any kind of doubt about Islam. I’m not among of the highest level of Muslims but I try do follow Islam as much as I can. my purpose is to share true Islam to the people of the world. May Allah grant all of my efforts and forgive all of my mistakes. Ameen.

Two more little thing, I do want to make money from this website. So maybe you will see Ad, Affiliate link, Newsletter and some other stuff like this. You can also donate in this website. I’m not native English speaker so I acknowledge that there may be some mistakes in my writing and hope you will view this with understanding. Zajhakallah (Thank you)

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