Islamic Baby Boy Name Which Start With Letter “g”, “j”, “z”

Choosing the right name for my future children has been a challenging yet fulfilling task for me. For the past few days, I’ve been contemplating various names, but I’m still undecided and confused. I strive to choose a beautiful and meaningful name for my children, and this journey has inspired me to share my thoughts and criteria with al of you.

If you’re interested in the criteria I’m following, you’re in the right place. By the way, the criteria I’m following is also written by me. you can find this the criteria here. This post is part of my ongoing journey to curate a collection of beautiful and meaningful names. My first was “Choosing Meaningful Islamic Names: A Guide for New Parents.” Where I wrote the criteria on naming. And second post about  Meaningful Muslim Baby Boy Names Derived from Allah’s Names.

I plan to continue writing until I find the perfect name for my children and, hopefully, help you do the same. Even if I find the desired name, I will continue writing for all of you. Although this journey began for personal fulfillment, my goal is to make it easier for others to choose the right name for their children or loved ones. Please pray for me to the Allah Almighty so that I can contribute positively to this process.

Today, I will write about Islamic Baby Boy Name which Start With Letter “G”, “J”, “Z”.


Please note: Most of the names on my website are sourced from the book ‘A Dictionary of Muslim Names’ edited by Prof. S. A. Rahman. While not all names are taken from this book, the majority are.”

May Allah Almighty accept all our good deeds and forgive our mistakes. Ameen.

Jazakallah (Thank you).



 Meaning ~~ English ~~ Arabic

Rain ~~ Ghais ~~ غَيْث
Helper, Reliever, Winner ~~ Ghaiyyas ~~ غِيَاث
Conqueror, Victor, Winner, Dominator ~~ Ghalib ~~ غَالِب
Ever Victorious, Triumphant ~~ Ghallab ~~ غَلَّاب
Successful ~~ Ghanim ~~ غَانِم
Prime, Vigour (of youth) ~~ Ghassan ~~ غَسَّان
Help, Aid, Rescue, Succour ~~ Ghaus ~~ غَوْث
Lion, Title of Caliph Ali ~~ Ghazanfar ~~ غَزْنَفَر
Conqueror, Hero, Gallant Soldier ~~ Ghazi ~~ غَازِي
Helper of the Religion (Islam) ~~ Ghiyas-ud-Din ~~ غِيَاثُ الدِّين
Pardon, Forgiveness ~~ Ghofran ~~ غُفْرَان
Servant, Boy, Youth ~~ Ghulam ~~ غُلَام
Respect, Honor, Virtue ~~ Ghaisan ~~ غَيْسان
Good, Beautiful, Handsome ~~ Ghamar ~~ غَمَر
Generous, Noble, Highborn ~~ Ghaith ~~ غَيْث
Bright, Radiant, Shining ~~ Ghurair ~~ غُرَير
Moon, Beautiful, Shining ~~ Ghanim ~~ غَانِم
Pure, Clean, Pious ~~ Ghadir ~~ غَدِير
Knowledgeable, Wise, Learned ~~ Ghaazir ~~ غَازِر
Noble, Honorable, Dignified ~~ Ghaitham ~~ غَيْثَم


 Meaning ~~ English ~~ Arabic

Consoler, restorer, comfort ~~ Jabir ~~ جَابِر 
Brook, rivulet ~~ Jadwal ~~ جَدْوَل 
Spring, rivulet ~~ Jafar ~~ جَعْفَر 
Rank ~~ Jah ~~ جَاه 
World ~~ Jahan  ~~ جَهان 
Diligent, hardworking, striving ~~ Jahid ~~ جَاهِد 
The majesty of religion (Islam) ~~ Jalal-ud-Din ~~ جَلَالُ الدِّين 
Beauty, grace ~~ Jamal ~~ جَمَال 
Beauty of the religion (Islam) ~~ Jamal-ud-Din ~~ جَمَالُ الدِّين 
Gatherer, collector, author, writer ~~ Jami ~~ جَامِع 
Defiant ~~ Jamuh ~~ جَمُوح 
The sun in Pisces ~~ Jamshed ~~ جَمْشِيد 
Life ~~ Jan ~~ جَان 
Life of the world ~~ Jan-e-Alam ~~ جَانِ عَالَم 
Neighbour of Allah ~~ Jarullah ~~ جَارُ الله 
Great and famous ~~ Jasim ~~ جَاسِم 
Great (man) of the religion (Islam) ~~ Jasim-ud-Din ~~ جَاسِمُ الدِّين 
Brave, bold, valiant ~~ Jasir ~~ جَاسِر 
Brave, bold, courageous  ~~ Jasur ~~ جَسُور 
Eternal, perpetual ~~ Javed ~~ جَاوِيد 
Generous, liberal  ~~ Jawad ~~ جَوَاد 
Jewels; plural of Jawhar ~~ Jawahir ~~ جَوَاهِر 
Jewel, gem, essence ~~ Jawhar ~~ جَوْهَر 
Strive, holy war ~~ Jihad ~~ جِهَاد 
Diminutive of jund (army, soldiers) ~~ Junayd ~~ جُنَيْد


Meaning ~~ English ~~ Arabic

Victorious, winner ~~ Zafir ~~ ظَافِر 
Victory, triumph ~~ Zafar ~~ ظَفَر 
Firm and resolute intention ~~ Zafeer ~~ ظَفِير 
Beautiful, brilliant, glowing ~~ Zahi ~~ زَاهِي 
Devout, ascetic ~~ Zahid ~~ زَاهِد 
Apparent, evident, one of the attributes of Allah ~~ Zahir ~~ ظَاهِر 
A blooming flower, lofty ~~ Zahir ~~ زَاهِر 
Blooming, shining, luminous ~~ Zaheer ~~ زَهِير 
Helper, supporter, protector ~~ Zaheer ~~ ظَهِير 
Helper of the religion (Islam) ~~ Zaheeruddin ~~ ظَهِيرُ الدِّين 
Sagacious, intelligent ~~ Zahin ~~ زَاهِن 
Leader, chief ~~ Zaim ~~ زَعِيم 
Leader of the religion (Islam) ~~ Zaimuddin ~~ زَعِيمُ الدِّين 
Pure, sinless ~~ Zaki ~~ زَكِي 
Time, age, era ~~ Zaman ~~ زَمَان 
Light of the age ~~ Nuruzzaman ~~ نُورُ الزَّمَان 
Sun of the age ~~ Shamsuzzaman ~~ شَمْسُ الزَّمَان 
King of the age ~~ Zaman Shah ~~ زَمَان شَاه 
Companion, friend ~~ Zamil ~~ زَمِيل 
one who helps ~~ Zamin ~~ ضَامِن 
Heart, mind, conscience ~~ Zamir ~~ ضَمِير 
Heart of the religion (Islam) ~~ Zamiruddin ~~ ضَمِيرُ الدِّين 
Elegant, witty, graceful ~~ Zarif ~~ ظَرِيف 
Abundance, increase, excess, surplus ~~ Zaid ~~ زَيْد 
Growth and increase ~~ Zaydan ~~ زَيْدَان 
Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace ~~ Zayn ~~ زَيْن 
Grace of the religion (Islam) ~~ Zainuddin ~~ زَيْنُ الدِّين 
Ornament of the worshippers (of Allah) ~~ Zaynul Abidin ~~ زَيْنُ العَابِدِين 
Kind of spear ~~ Zhobin  ~~ زُهْبِين 
Light of the religion (i.e. Islam) ~~ Ziauddin ~~ ضِيَاءُ الدِّين 
Light of the Truth (i.e. Allah) ~~ Ziaul Haq ~~ ضِيَاءُ الحَقّ 
Light of the most Gracious (i.e. Allah) ~~ Ziaur Rahman ~~ ضِيَاءُ الرَّحْمَان 
Intellectual, cerebral ~~ Zihni ~~ ذِهْنِي 
Shadow, shade ~~ Zill ~~ ظِلّ 
Shadow of Allah ~~ Zillullah ~~ ظِلُّ الله 
Shadow of the Merciful (i.e. Allah) ~~ Zillur Rahman ~~ ظِلُّ الرَّحْمَان 
Increase, addition, surplus ~~ Ziyad ~~ زِيَاد 
Increase, addition, surplus ~~ Ziyada ~~ زِيَادَة 
Surplus bestowed by Allah ~~ Ziyadatullah ~~ زِيَادَةُ الله 
Appearance, ostentation ~~ Zohoor ~~ ظُهُور 
Ostentation of the Creator (i.e. Allah) ~~ Zohoorul Bari ~~ ظُهُورُ البَارِي 
The diminutive of zubd  ~~ Zubaid ~~ زُبَيْد 
Diminutive of Zubair, a brave and wise person ~~ Zubair ~~ زُبَيْر 
Lion, a brave person, an army ~~ Zufar ~~ زُفَر 
Forenoon ~~ Zuha ~~ ضُحًى 
Sun of the forenoon ~~ Shamsuzzuha ~~ شَمْسُ الضُّحًى 
Small flower ~~ Zuhair ~~ زُهَيْر 
Fame, splendor, emergence ~~ Zuhoor ~~ ظُهُور 
The sun, dawn ~~ Zuka ~~ زُكَا 
Sun of the religion (Islam) ~~ Zukauddin ~~ زُكَاُ الدِّين 
Sun of Allah ~~ Zukaullah ~~ زُكَاُ الله 
Sun of Rahman (i.e. Allah) ~~ Zukaur Rahman ~~ زُكَاُ الرَّحْمَان 
The cleaver of vertebrae, name of a sword presented to Ali (RA) by Muhammad (PBUH) ~~ Zulfaqar ~~ ذُو الفَقَار 
Owner of the two horns (i.e. world conqueror), epithet of a just king mentioned in the Quran ~~ ZulQarnayn ~~ ذُو القَرْنَيْن 
Lord of the fish, an epithet of Prophet Yunus (i.e. Jonah) who was swallowed by a big fish and later rescued by the grace of Allah ~~ Zunnoon ~~ ذُو النُّون
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