Islamic Baby Boy Name Which Start With Letter “o”, “u”, “w”

Choosing the right name for my future children has been a challenging yet fulfilling task for me. For the past few days, I’ve been contemplating various names, but I’m still undecided and confused. I strive to choose a beautiful and meaningful name for my children, and this journey has inspired me to share my thoughts and criteria with al of you.

If you’re interested in the criteria I’m following, you’re in the right place. By the way, the criteria I’m following is also written by me. you can find this the criteria here. This post is part of my ongoing journey to curate a collection of beautiful and meaningful names. My first was “Choosing Meaningful Islamic Names: A Guide for New Parents.” Where I wrote the criteria on naming. And second post about Meaningful Muslim Baby Boy Names Derived from Allah’s Names. I plan to continue writing until I find the perfect name for my children and, hopefully, help you do the same. Even if I find the desired name, I will continue writing for all of you. Although this journey began for personal fulfillment, my goal is to make it easier for others to choose the right name for their children or loved ones. Please pray for me to the Allah Almighty so that I can contribute positively to this process.

Today, I will write about Islamic Baby Boy Name which Start With Letter “O”, “U” and “W” Because these are pronounced almost similar in Arabic.


Please note: Most of the names on my website are sourced from the book ‘A Dictionary of Muslim Names’ edited by Prof. S. A. Rahman. While not all names are taken from this book, the majority are.”

May Allah Almighty accept all our good deeds and forgive our mistakes. Ameen.

Jazakallah (Thank you).


O, U, W

Meaning ~~ English ~~ Arabic

Diminutive of Abd, servant of lower rank ~~ Ubaid ~~ عبيد 
Servant of God, lowly servant of Allah ~~ Ubaidah ~~ عبيدة 
Servant of Allah ~~ Ubaydullah ~~ عبيد الله 
High rank, prestige, glory ~~ Ula ~~ عُلَى 
Prosperous, full of life, substantial ~~ Umar ~~ عمر 
Support, support of the state ~~ Umarah ~~ عمارة 
Support, support of the state ~~ Umdah ~~ عمدة 
Small lion, diminutive form of Asad ~~ Usaid ~~ أُسَيْد 
A prophet, the biblical Ezra ~~ Uzayr ~~ عزير 
Support, support of the state ~~ Wasiq ~~ واثق 
Support, prop ~~ Wadi’ ~~ وديع
Confident, sure, certain ~~ Wasiq ~~ واثق 
Calm, peaceful ~~ Wadi’ ~~ وديع 
Associated with faithfulness, loyalty, faith ~~ Wafai ~~ وفائي 
True, reliable, perfect ~~ Wafi ~~ وفي 
Companion, friend, successful ~~ Wafiq ~~ وفيق 
Gift, grant, donation ~~ Wahab ~~ وهب 
Unique (manifestation) of the religion (Islam) ~~ Wahiduddin ~~ وحيد الدين 
Unique (person) of the age ~~ Wahiduzzaman ~~ وحيد الزمان 
Shining, illuminated ~~ Wahhaj ~~ وهاج 
Coming back (for shelter) ~~ Wail ~~ وائل 
Admonisher, preacher ~~ Waiz ~~ واعظ 
Comely, dignity, elevated position ~~ Wajahat ~~ وجاهة 
Finder, lover ~~ Wajid ~~ واجد 
Noble, honoured, well-esteemed, illustrious ~~ Wajih ~~ وجيه 
Advocate, representative, counsellor, attorney, agent ~~ Wakil ~~ وكيل 
Prince, guardian, protector, friend, saint (One of the names of Allah) ~~ Wali ~~ ولي 
Friend of Allah ~~ Waliullah ~~ ولي الله 
Newborn, newborn child, nascent ~~ Walid ~~ وليد 
Majesty, veneration, dignity ~~ Waqar ~~ وقار 
Handsome, beautiful, graceful ~~ Wasim ~~ وسيم 
Handsome (person) of the religion (Islam) ~~ Wasimuddin ~~ وسيم الدين 
Solid, strong, secure ~~ Waseeq ~~ وثيق 
Minister, vizier, an adviser or counsel to the king ~~ Wazir ~~ وزير 
Custody, guardianship ~~ Wilayat ~~ ولاية 
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